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Pete Hartley’s Jewish Music Backing Tracks

Here are professional Jewish music backing tracks to buy online, suitable for all gigging musicians at any level. These tracks, available for immediate download, are suitable for players of almost any instrument, including guitar, violin, mandolin, piano, trumpet and cello.

The tracks are of the highest audio quality, and have been used by professional musicians at gigs all over the world to play to audiences up to the thousands, and now they are available to you at a price to suit all budgets!

  • A great Jewish waltz, from "Fiddler on the Roof". For all your restaurant and Jewish gigs. Run Time: 4 minutes 42 seconds Key: G Minor Tempo: Slow File Size: 6.61mb
    A medley of fantastic Russian and Cossack songs, including Midnight in Moscow and Dark Eyes. Fun and danceable. Run Time: 5 minutes 24 seconds Key: A Minor Tempo: Fast File Size: 7.61mb
    Ever popular at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, this is an essential medley of classic Jewish tunes to get everyone dancing. Starts slow and gets seriously fast! Run Time: 6 minutes 32 seconds Key: D Minor, A Minor, E Minor Tempo: Medium, Fast File Size: 3.0mb
    A great show-stopping medley of five upbeat, danceable tracks for any Greek or Jewish wedding, or any other celebration. Includes Hava Nagila and the celebrated Monti Czardas. Run Time: 5 minutes 55 seconds Key: G Minor, D Major, A Major, D Minor, D Major Tempo: Fast File Size: 8.33mb
    An essential Jewish song for celebratory occasions! Run Time: 2 minutes 47 seconds Key: D Major Tempo: Fast File Size: 3.94mb
    A traditional Jewish tune, essential for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Run Time: 2 minutes 17 seconds Key: C Major Tempo: Fast File Size: 3.22mb
  • A Nakht

    A traditional mid-tempo Jewish tune, suits string and wind instruments. Great for Bar Mitzvahs and weddings! Run Time: 2 minutes 17 seconds - Key: D Minor - Tempo: Medium - File  - size: 3.22mb

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